Movement is central to the survival of all free-living organisms. Consequently, movement and what anthropologists often refer to as mobility, which is the sum of small-scale movements tracked across larger geographic and temporal scales.

      Since inception, human mobility has been a flashpoint for technological, economic, and social innovation it is essential for social cohesion, widening people’s opportunities, and improving their health and well-being. It has transformed society, the structure and location of towns and services, and has also been an important contributor to individual choice.

      When it comes to an individual it could be the lifeblood of a service or a prevailed heritage in luxury, a innovative future or just an environmental damage surely a multifaceted significance.

      We at Mobilityahead.com are passionate individuals with a goal to build a community where mobility we could discuss, sharing knowledge is the best way to understand things and that’s what we are doing here. not a review site for sure but our articles are driven on three basic pillar of product development and those are consumer’s frame of mind, Designer’s perspective and an engineer’s execution.

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