7 Prediction for Monaco GP - 2021

It's unexpected, a pole from Ferrari's Charles Leclerc and championship leader Lewis Hamilton left behind 7th on the grid, what are the valid predictions on today's Monaco Grand Prix.

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Its been unexpected but yet exiting for the fans to see Ferrari on the pole once again since 2019 Mexico. Briefly with Leclerc on pole followed by Verstappen and Bottas and Lewis unexpectedly on 7th behind Gasley and Norris its very exiting to see the rivalry especially the return of Verstappen VS Leclerc and on the other hand Championship leader Lewis Hamilton on the charge. Here are the seven predictions for todays race

1 - Leclerc Fighting for the Win despite Gearbox uncertainty :

It is pole position for Charles Leclerc for the Monaco Qualifying. the crash at the swimming pool corner that sealed him the top spot on the grid but caused lasting damage to his gearbox. Although with the top spot in the qualifying Leclerc was nervous as if there caused some major damage to the gearbox that would lead him to 5 place penalty in the main race on Sunday.

On an update from Ferrari “An initial inspection of the gearbox in @Charles_Leclerc’s car has not revealed any serious damage. Further checks will be carried out tomorrow, to decide if the same gearbox can be used in the race.” which says the gearbox is okay and doesn’t need to change for the main race which breaks the silence and made Leclerc pole-sitter for today’s Monaco Grand Prix.

For Leclerc, Monaco being a home race he’s been quite aware of the tight corners and track overall that’s positive for him but how long could he save his lead for the chasing Red Bull that’s the question. The battle between Charles and Max is what we enjoyed earlier and after a while, today we’re going to see it again. Max’s aggressive strategy we followed in the last 4 races is quite phenomenal and works for him quite well, Leclerc never had a one on one with him this season so it’s going to be quite interesting how he defends himself. On the other hand with yesterday’s gearbox crash, although it has not been major damage but if it reflects in the main race that would be a terrible loss for him.

For Leclerc, our prediction is, if he could defend Verstappen he’s gonna have the pole in Monaco GP, the Main race.

2 - Huge Opportunity for Verstappen to get his name on the Monaco GP Title.

Verstappen being 2nd in the grid which is not a problem, as we saw him overtaking couple of time this season, in which he is phenominal and this aggressive driving style works quiet well for him but not good as we say. This time it is Charles Leclerc and we make a strong prediction that Max Verstappen will try to overtake him in the first corner anyways. Unless there’s no such major happens there’s a sure podium for Verstappen.

But wait, Valtteri is behind him he’s gonna give his 100% to pull him back and for sure he could. after yesterday’s crash which led him to 3rd, he’s already on charge for the main race today.

3 - Mercedes's Bottas already gutted of the qualifying as he misses the pole.

Bottas was gutted with the last moment crash of Ferrari’s Leclerc which ceased him to finish the last lap due to red flag. Eventually due to this unusual circumstance, qualifying 3rd which he’s not at all satisfied.

“For me, it’s disappointing that I didn’t get my last run with the red flag, but that’s how it is sometimes,” said Bottas, who wound up 0.255s adrift of Leclerc, as teammate Lewis Hamilton took a lowly P7 on the grid. “I kind of left everything out there for the last run. Yes, the first run wasn’t really enough for pole but in the second run with the prep lap that we did actually, I was feeling good. I was quite a bit [quicker than before], so I am gutted

All hopes toward the main race today where he’s gonna start 3rd which is not a bad position to be in but it is Monaco, where overtaking is quite a task and the drivability is already difficult. This turns out to be positive for Bottas as he just has to maintain his position throughout the race to be on the Podium.

4 - Ferrari's Sainz on charge for the main race as Leclerc's crash ends hope of the dream Monaco pole.

As after the crash of Leclerc, teammate Carlos Sainz banged his steering wheel with both hands in frustration after being forces to abandon his final qualifying run.

The Spaniard has been on the pace from the very first lap in the Principality this week, finishing inside the top two in all three practice sessions, marking him out as a contender for his first-ever pole position. He carried that form into qualifying and was looking to challenge for P1 until he was greeted by waved yellow flags – and he ended up fourth on the grid, as Leclerc took pole.

Sainz in the main race today, it is hard for him to even maintain his position as chased by Norris, Gasley, and Lewis. Lewis, on the other hand, he must be very charged up with his worst ever qualifying. So it could be position up or position down for Sainz it is highly unpredictable for him.

5 - Norris delighted with his P5 on the Grid, Could the main race be a same delight for him.

McLaren’s Lando Norris managed the team’s best-ever qualifying in Monaco ever since 2012 and the Briton was super happy. Norris’s first Grand Prix at Monaco, in 2019, saw him qualify 12th and finish 11th but he’s set for greater things this year having taken P5 on the grid behind former teammate Carlos Sainz of Ferrari. Speaking after the session, the adrenaline was still pumping with Norris ecstatic over his Saturday.

“My heart is racing so much. I don’t know. It feels frigging cool to kind of do that. I didn’t get into Q3 a few years ago but now I feel like I did everything I could. I was really happy with my lap. we did a slightly different strategy with the tires, which we were constantly talking about while we’re in the garage, on the track, and we didn’t know what to do, but it thanks we made the right decision in the end [and] I’m super, super happy with P5,” he concluded.

But what could be the main race for him is it be as delightful as qualifying or it could be worst. If he could manage to take up a position or gave up a few all depends on the race it is hard to predict anything.

6 - Riccardo's worst Monaco qualifying since 2013, could we see the Redemption one more time.

Ricciardo has been on the pole and won at Monaco, but his relative struggles at McLaren continued on Saturday when he was eliminated in Q2 and will start from 12th place, his worst showing in Monaco F1 qualifying since he qualified P12 with Toro Rosso in 2013. Even though the team were encouraging him after seeing improvements during the qualifying session, that was of scant consolation to the Australian.

“I got asked before if it’s been frustrating, but I think more confusing because I’ve been a long way off the pace all weekend,” Ricciardo said. “We made like a bit of progress in qualifying but I think it’s quite easy to make progress when you’re obviously a second or so off, so it still wasn’t that rewarding if you know what I mean.

So well it is for Riccardo, we saw one Redemption of him in Monaco in 2018 GP, could we see it once again in today’s race? I doubt!. It is very hard to overtake in the Monaco street circuit and even though you are at a very good pace, (which we know he absolutely isn’t) the best is you just could maintain your own position in the grid.

7 - Hamilton hoping for rain to make progress from P7.

It was the worst qualifying for the Championship leader who had qualified on the front row all four races this year.

“I think from my point I just had such a lack of grip out there, which then leads you to overdrive and start trying to get more from it to no end – it doesn’t improve.

“Today was a question of tyres, the tyres were just not working,” he added. “I was sliding around.

“It’s almost impossible to overtake here,” he said. “Where we are, that’s pretty much the case, when everyone is at the same speed. Saturday is the day. That, for sure, puts the win out of reach. But the minimum would hopefully be seventh [place finish] and then we’ve got to see how we can move forwards.

“I’m hopeful it could rain,” he added. “I don’t think it will rain, but it would be nice if it did.”

Said Hamilton, if it is gonna rain on Race day isn’t it gonna hard for him either to overtake. No that’s Hamilton he could do anything and it is true the driver of his caliber knows how to win such a situation (we already saw him in Emilia GP) and that’s the good part of the race for the fans where all eyes would be on the Briton.

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