Verstappen Wins the Monaco Grand Prix, leading the Championship ahead of Hamilton.

Verstappen wins the Monaco GP leading championship title with 4 points ahead of Hamilton who finished P7, Leclerc driveshaft breakdown in the formation lap leading him to disqualify. with that expected podium of Sainz on 2nd and Norris on 3rd.

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Its been quite a weekend at Monaco with Max Verstappen finally managed to get few points ahead of Lewis Hamilton leading the championship title, after the worst qualifying for Hamilton yesterdays the race was all of Verstappen’s already with him starting on pole and Lewis on 7th the race was already predicted unless something unusual happens. It’s quite an achievement for RedBull to finally surpass Mercedes in the drivers as well as the constructors’ category. A moment where RedBull’s team principal Christian Honor might jump naked in the pool once more like in the 2006 Monaco GP for David Coulthard.

Its really been an off day for the Championship leader Hamilton starting P7 on the grid which he couldn’t improve any better finishes P7 behind Pierre Gasley of Alpha Tauri on P6 and Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel on P5. after an unexpected driveshaft failure in the formation lap Charles Leclerc of Ferrari was not able to start which led him to disqualify but teammate Carlo Sainz did quiet well being on podium finishes 2nd ahead of McLarens Lando Norris who finishes P3. RedBull’s Perez has quite a push from former 4 times champion Sebastian Vettel and manages to put himself on P4.

P8 was Lance Stroll ahead of Estaban Ocon of Alpines on P9 and finally gaining a single point, Antonio Giovinazzi on P10. behind him was his teammate Kimi Raikkonen who’s not been able to get points this weekend but surely was able to make Riccardio not to get a pass who was behind him on P12. Quiet an off day for two times world champion Fernando Alonzo as well who stood P13 followed by Nicolas Latifi on p15, Tsunoda on P16, and Hass’s rookies Mazepin on P17 and Schumacher on P18.

Win, No Win! for Ferrari.

It’s been quite an unusual weekend for Ferrari where things didn’t go quite well, it was Charles Leclerc who qualify pole for the main race but couldn’t drive as he got some major technical fault during the run on the formation lap. A well-managed victory for teammate Carlo Sainz and Ferrari to held P2.

Yesterday’s qualify ended with Leclerc on pole followed with a crash claiming there could be some major damage to his SF20’s gearbox. If so the gearbox has to change which led him to 5 place penalty but there was no such major issue found in the gearbox and a few minor damages which were done overnight. Leclerc on the pole position this afternoon started the formation lap where the driveshaft was not working and after a quick analysis that was something that couldn’t be solved on track it needs a proper garage to handle and so Leclerc has to let go of his already won race this time. It was a bit harsh on him as well as Ferrari and being a home Grand Prix for Leclerc quite a disappointment for the fans

But a victory on another side by teammate Carlo Sainz who stood 2nd on qualifying and managed to stay in his position throughout the race. It is 1st podium for Carlos after joining Ferrari and he just showed his potential today.

As worst could happen with Mercedes

It was not a Mercedes weekend all together with Hamilton having the worst qualifying at P7 and Bottas at P3, there’s hope for Bottas to overtake a few positions on the grid to stand P1 or at least a podium but there was a disaster for Bottas, as his right front refused to come off the car, to the extent that Mercedes had no choice but to retire him from his net P2, Confirming later that the wheel gun had machined the nut onto the car’s axle.

“I couldn’t believe what happened and still feels strange that the others are racing there and I’m here,” he said, being interviewed as the race continued. “But you know, it happened and it’s a big mistake by us as a team that we need to learn from.

“Whether it’s human error or technical issue, it doesn’t matter; we need to find the issue and if it’s a human error we need to support the guy who did it. We need to learn from this. That’s the main thing in my mind and at the same time, yes, super disappointed.”

Mercedes’ chagrin was then completed by Hamilton being overcut by Gasly, Vettel, and Sergio Perez in the stops – the wily Vettel jumping two places in front of both Gasly and Hamilton, while Perez did even better, moving up from eighth to fourth in a brilliant piece of strategy from Red Bull. “How did this happen?” Hamilton berated Mercedes on the team radio – and you could understand his pain.

“We lost a lot of points today for a really, really poor performance from the team,” said Hamilton, whose teammate Valtteri Bottas was forced into retirement due to a cross-threaded wheel nut in his pit stop. “I’m definitely a little bit surprised by it, but these things are sent to try us”.

It’s a Much awaited Win for RedBull.

Starting effectively from pole after Leclerc’s cruel side-lining, Verstappen out-muscled Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas off the line to take a lead that he would only briefly relinquish in the pit stops, Verstappen claiming his second win of the season and his first-ever podium in Monaco.

That was the plan, right? To win the GP but a lot more came in hands of Red Bull’s this weekend as some worst tactics from the former championship leader Mercedes. Now RedBull outperformed Mercedes in both drivers as well as Constructor championship which is quite a victory for them and which eventually could lead them to the more clear picture of championship title this very season.

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